Vehicle servicing and repairs with Tavcor Volkswagen George

We love keeping you and your family safe on the road with our Qualified Technicians, top-class facility and Volkswagen Alert Roadside Assistance.

We strive for the highest quality workmanship and to deliver service excellence to you, our valued customers. Volkswagen genuine parts are designed to ensure uncompromised safety and compatibility with your vehicle, to keep it running optimally. At our state-of-the art dealership in George, we believe that a customer is not completely satisfied unless they have had a 5/5 experience, every time – we won’t settle for anything less.

Together with our professional Service Advisors and our highly qualified team, we are able to interpret your needs and ensure you receive the highest standard of customer care. The Service Advisor is your connection to a successful service interaction and will explain the process to you and guide you along the way.

Peace of mind with Volkswagen EasyDrive Maintenance and Service Plans

At Tavcor Volkswagen, we strive to make every part of your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible. Just like your Volkswagen, EasyDrive Service/Maintenance Plans are designed with you in mind. These plans offer affordable, flexible options, up to 10 years or 300 000km. The range of EasyDrive Vehicle Plans offer you protection against future repair and servicing costs over the lifespan of your vehicle, giving you peace of mind.

Enjoy complete peace of mind beyond the drive with no unforeseen out-of-pocket repair costs, protection against inflationary price increases and 100% cover on all valid claims. We’ll also ensure that your Volkswagen always runs exactly as it should by fitting only Volkswagen Parts.

The benefits of EasyDrive

Important checks to ensure you stay safe on the road:

Wheel alignment, wheel balancing & wheel rotation

Today’s modern vehicles have increasingly complex and advanced suspension systems that need to fulfil the requirements of comfort, sporty performance and especially road safety. The incorrect wheel alignment causes excessive tyre wear, impairing the safety of the vehicle. You should have your wheel alignment checked by a qualified workshop if the tyres show excessive wear. It is recommended that you have it done every 10 000 km. 

To ensure that our Volkswagen customers’ vehicles are configured to the correct specifications, we have installed a state of the art wheel alignment, tyre balancing and tyre fitment facility. All premium features, such as Park Distance Control, Active Cruise Control, Parking Cameras and Lane Assist, are maintained by our specialised equipment.


It is important to have your tyres checked regularly. Keeping your tyres in optimum condition ensures that your safety and the performance of your vehicle is not compromised due to unsafe tyre wear and tear or damage. 

At Tavcor, we stock and fit the best tyres suited to your specific Volkswagen vehicle, which can be conveniently fitted while your vehicle is serviced. We’ll get you back on the road, safely, in no time.

Brake fluid service

Your vehicles brake fluid requires checking at every second service interval. Brake fluid is the liquid that when compressed, commands the brake pads to clamp onto the brake discs for your vehicle to come to a stop. Brake fluid will gradually absorb water from the surrounding air, due to the fact that brake fluid is hygroscopic. The water content in the brake fluid causes corrosion on the inside of the brake system and can lead to a dangerous, spongy effect.

Helpful tips for a better service booking experience:

1. Have your vehicle details on hand

Please have your VIN, registration numbers and current mileage on hand when booking your vehicle in for a service as this will ensure a faster booking process.

2. Shuttle service / convenient rentals

When booking your vehicle in, please enquire about our limited drop-off service, within the George area. Alternatively, you can hire a vehicle from Tavcor Motorent at a reduced rate for loyal Tavcor customers. Please request a Motorent consultant to contact you for further rental vehicle information.

VWSA Roadside Assistance

Should something go wrong, Tavcor has a VW qualified technician on standby 24/7. Should you require our assistance, please contact the VWSA Roadside Assistance call centre, who will liaise with our standby technician.

0860 434 737