Volkswagen Genuine and Economy Parts

We love keeping your Volkswagen a Volkswagen with a 2 year warranty on Genuine and Economy Parts to get you safely back home.

At Tavcor VW George we only give your vehicle the love and quality parts it deserves. When you buy a Volkswagen, you know you are getting so much more than just a car, and, because no one knows your Volkswagen better than we do, you will always get service and parts of the highest international standard. So make sure you give your Volkswagen the love it deserves and ensure it runs exactly as it should. Get genuine or economy parts through Tavcor Volkswagen George

Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

Genuine Parts® are engineered alongside the development and production process of specific vehicle models. Genuine Parts® not only ensure the best quality with the latest technical advancements, but they also offer uncompromised safety, reliability and performance thanks to their high quality and durability. Genuine Parts® ensure they offer the lowest cost over the life of your vehicle and contribute to maintaining your Volkswagen’s resale value.

Glass, Lights and Visibility
Engines and Gearboxes

Volkswagen Economy Parts

Economy Parts are adapted specifically to increase the performance capabilities of Volkswagens that are 5 years and older. They are 25% more affordable, with no compromise in their safety, performance and durability. Economy Parts provide a price advantage due to the fact that Economy Parts are inherently more cost effective to tailor-make. They’re a clever and low-cost alternative for older vehicles which may be out of warranty.

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